Aw Yeah Comics! #14

The heroes of the AW YEAH COMICS Universe RETURN!! But this time there are greater challenges on the horizon! FIRST! The one known as GGRRrino! arrives in beautiful downtown Skokie looking for trouble...or is he? Next Adorbs ACTION CAT's plans get derailed while across town the other ACTION CAT tries to make a bank deposit! Excitement indeed. ALAS! There is a new threat in town that has our AW YEAH CREW in a fluster. The all-powerful evil threat only known as...EVIL BUG! Oh, no! Does this mean the end for our heroes? Only time will tell. This issue features comic stories by the famos cartooning duo of ART BALTAZAR and FRANCO! Its always has been true. Highly recommended by Franco's mom. This issue is built for adventure. AW YEAH!!!