Aw Yeah Comics! #13

The AW YEAH COMICS crew are BACK! Tales from Beautiful Downtown Skokie's Heroes and Villains return in this milestone issue 13 of AW YEAH COMICS as a Digital First! What happens when something precious is lost in an unknown world? Only Adventure Bug can solve this mystery! What new threat threatens our hero Awesome Bear? Something to do with... Grapes? Also! Cosplay and Creepy movie fieldtrips are here! And last but not least...The Interview you've been waiting for...BOOM-A-DOOM behind bars! Join us for AW YEAH COMICS' epic return! Featuring the creators, Art Baltazar, Franco, Scoot McMahon, Kurt Wood, Chris Smits, Courtney Hahn, Justin Castaneda, Shane Campos, Zac Atkinson and Marshall Dillon! Fun for ALL AGES! AW YEAH!