Avaiyo: Myriad Law

The World of Xiltria... After centuries of slavery under the oppressive rule of the Tamiran Empire, the people of Xiltria were finally able to regain their freedom. It's been nearly eight years since the Era of Slavery, and the tides of peace are beginning to wash away. Subtle remnants of the exiled Tamiran Empire still live on and are starting to give way towards a new threat. One such threat has been brought to the doorstep of Pegil Village. Helpless to defend themselves, they call out for help in hopes that someone will answer. With their pleas heard, Sekken and Iyo push forward into the depths of Daskin's Lair. Separated from each other, they must rely on their own skills to face the impending dangers. Iyo now leads the survivors through the labyrinth of caverns to freedom. Believing they are safe, they continue their escape. However, something or someone, is lurking nearby. Will Iyo's strength be enough to protect the villagers? As the dark force advances on Iyo, Sekken stands before Daskin and the children abducted from Pegil. For their own protection, Sekken must submit to Daskin's Command to protect their lives. With the children being held as hostages, Sekken searches for a way to coerce them away from the Tamiran's clutches.

Collected Editions

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