Avaiyo: Myriad Law Vol. 04

A World Threatened...

Once again, the Tamiran Empire is trying to establish itself as the supreme world power. Now known as the Dark Legion, they're raising underground armies throughout the world to overthrow the civilizations of Xiltria.

Within the Region of Preminx, the discovery of their encampment has forced their hand. Marching from one city to another, nothing is safe as they kill anyone who knows of their existence.

The first city to fall is Lokili. Ruins are left in the Dark Legion's wake as they abandon the decimated city and head for Orabal. However, it's impossible to keep such carnage a secret. Without a moments breath, news begins to circulate around the Nation. Mercenaries and guilds alike join forces to thwart the Dark Legion's march. With their whereabouts now disclosed to the entire world, they have two choices: continue on towards Orabal, or return to protect their hideout.

Amidst the chaos, Emerald Moon has discovered their hidden base and plan to overthrow it before the army returns.

While successfully infiltrating the encampment, Emerald Moon now stands before the very heart of the Dark Legion. In their efforts to destroy the Command Center, they've unwillingly become pinned between an impenetrable barrier and an army of undead Neyens. With danger coming from all sides, Fayli, Lage and Eyader have only one choice...to engage the enemy.

Avaiyo: Myriad Law
Preminx Part I
Chapters 043 - 056
Fantasy Manga
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February 3 2016

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