Avaiyo: Myriad Law Vol. 01

A World Enslaved...

After centuries of slavery under the oppressive rule of the Tamiran Empire, the people of Xiltria could no longer bear such anguish. Through immeasurable losses and hardships, these suffering victims were finally able to win back their lands. By forming militias and unifying all slaves together under one flag they were eventually able to crush the Tamiran Empire who had conquered the world so long ago. The people now had a fresh start in life. With their new "free world" they finally have a chance to get what they've wanted from the very start...peace.

Their dreams have been realized. Regions. Countries. Nations have been restored to their former glory. All of Xiltria now works together. With their continued efforts to reshape the world it is a time of prosperity. However, the seeds of evil have endured. In the underbelly of society, subtle remnants of the exiled Tamiran Empire still live on...and are starting to give way towards a new threat.

It's been nearly eight years since the citizens of Xiltria regained their freedom. Sekken, a young man who lived through the carnage, travels the world in an attempt to suppress any threats that could endanger this new "free world."

Avaiyo: Myriad Law
Raruka Part I
Chapters 000 - 014
Fantasy Manga
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August 12 2015

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