Autogenesis, Vol. 1

Autogenesis follows the involvement of Theo Wheatcroft in events that could lead to the destruction of society as he knows it. His destiny is laid out before him and he must follow the clues, and his instincts. Theo is an autogene, an ancient human species, and harnesses agricultural powers of nature. He works on his parents' farm when he is not studying or hanging out with next door neighbour, fellow autogene and best friend, Gale Mereweather. He will need her help to discover how deeply involved he is, and how he can put a stop to the imminent events with such terrible consequences. Other major players include a girl who has to rebuild her life, a man who wants to do the job he was chosen for, and a woman who controls everything. Humans are not able to view the powers of autogenes, so they live peacefully undetected within society. Feel free to let us know what you think and keep up to date by visiting our website: