The Adventures of COTU are stories about EJ from the City of Auto, his car friends and the various odd characters and creatures who make their way from EJ's imagination onto the pages of EJ's very own car-created comic books. His most favorite character is COTU, the superhero of cars (amazingly COTU and EJ sort of look alike!). The name COTU comes from an earlier story where another car was making fun of EJ's self-centered behavior and called EJ the "center of the universe". EJ liked that powerful sounding name and adopted it's acronym as the name for his own imaginary secret identity (Center Of The Universe). Then, when EJ discovers his love of making comic books it is no surprise when they all end up being about COTU. But something interesting happens when EJ creates his COTU comic books. Through telling The Adventures of COTU, EJ solves real problems in the City of Auto and helps both himself and his friends become stronger and kinder cars.