August Gabriel is a barefoot in the dirt kind of girl, who grew up and lives on a farm, on a tiny island called Antigua, in the Caribbean. She clings dearly to the simple things in life, because she knows deep down to her core, over stimulation in 'her world', could lead her to places that she has no desire or knowledge to navigate. She is very afraid of herself, but doesn't know why. She is aware that there is something innately different about her, but has no idea what the source is. Her ridiculous physical strength, strange intuitions / visions, she writes off as her normal. She forcefully dumbs down of her own senses, just to stay sane. August can't ask for answers, because she doesn't even understand the relevant questions. Things begin to unravel in her life, when one of her unsavory customers, draws her out of her shell. It however spirals out of control, when an unspeakable attack occurs, causing all hell to break loose. Secret things done since before her birth are unearthed in that moment, putting her on a path of dark spiritual awakenings and a power she could never even dream of. The complete narrative is an ongoing series that takes us through August trying to come to terms with and control powers that are unknowingly bestowed upon her, prior to her birth, because of her family's link to 'Obeah' (West Indian voodoo) and trying to understand her vague past, through the eyes of her equally mysterious caretaker / surrogate father, and the only family she's ever known.