Armarauders #4

The Last Battalion
《Story - The Amraverse》

Wasters-a mysterious alien race bent on destroying the human race in their conquest of the galaxy-will meet their match. With the aid of extra-terrestrial technology from the benevolent Runarians, mankind will stand strong against their alien aggressors. An army of impressive Mechs, including the Bellerophon, will answer the call in a galactic showdown of Aliens versus Armarauders.

《Mech - The Bellerophon》

The EF-JAT-47FG Bellerophon is the Jack-of-all-Trades "workhorse" of the Earth Force's Mech infantry. Originally a hybrid product of Runarian technology, salvaged Waster Mech, and good old fashion human ingenuity, the Bellerophon Mech started out as remote controlled robotic drones. But, with the development of F.I.R.M. (Fully Immersive Robotic Manipulation), the Bellerophon became more than a mere piloted Mech-but the ultimate merger of Man and Machine.

《Hero - Cameron Knox》

Private First Class Cameron "Cam" Knox was born to pilot a United Earth Force Bellerophon in a war on a far-off planet. Whether it was fate, or being the son of Colonel Elliot Knox, Cam excelled in basic training and was the youngest soldier ever assigned to the Bellerophon division. The melding of Pilot and Mech as one cohesive fighting entity has never been matched-nor likely ever will be-as it has in the case of PFC Knox and his Bellerophon.