Area 51: The Helix Project, Vol. 1

This story pulls you into 1970's UFO hysteric America with the Cold War looming overhead. The desperate United States government launches a covert experiment that grafts the DNA of extraterrestrial beings onto soldiers in order to allow them to manipulate their biologies on a molecular level. THE HELIX PROJECT has the potential to end the war with the USSR, giving soldiers an unparalleled ability to alter themselves for any task: from espionage to reconnaissance, to combat; but at what cost, and to who? The narrative engages core features of the Sci-Fi & Noir genres while also deconstructing societal concepts of heroism and who we consider a hero. We follow KENT, a child of both worlds as he learns to navigate this tumultuous space, encountering highly relatable and personal themes like identity, mental health, and balance. How does he reconcile with humanity as someone feeling unwelcome by them? We'll encounter everyday people, psychopaths, and things not of this earth as Kent discovers more about how The Helix Project has impacted him and who he is. Kent comes to blows with some incredibly trying decisions that will define the person he becomes. Will he continue to be a product of circumstance or something else of his own design?