Arcane Sally & Mr. Steam

England, 1881. Percy Cawthorne - a rakish, seemingly idle English lord - and Runnymeade, his fussy assistant, are summoned to London. They are agents of "Her Majesty's Inquiry into Peculiar Circumstance," a secret government branch created to eliminate supernatural threats to the British Empire. So far, every case they've investigated has proven to be a hoax. But their next assignment is different: track a killer who was sentenced and hanged months ago. This killer, a brute named Churche, has murdered every other agent, leaving the Prime Minister no choice but to offer the job to his two remaining operatives. Percy - aka "Mr. Steam" - accepts the case, only to learn he and Runnymeade won't be working alone. The Prime Minister gives Percy a music box, the means by which a mysterious ally named Miss Sally will recognize them. When he calls her, however, they quickly learn one thing: they can't stand each other. Plunged into a world of saber-dueling femme fatales, doomed locomotives, ominous mathematical equations, and homicidal cats, and on the trail of a mastermind bent on altering the very nature of reality, will Sally and Percy get along long enough to stop him? Written by two award-winning creators, this book collects the first three issues of the 10-part planned series.

Collected Editions