When I was a child, I could spend hours and hours immersed in comic books. They were a fantastic parallel universe of imagination, where dreams and reality could bond seamlessly.
As I grew up, that world of adventure and fantasy faded into oblivion. My adult mind could no longer be fooled by that magical universe.
Today, there is very little out there that can even grab my attention enough to read past page one. For readers like me, that leaves a gap no other form of entertainment can quite fill.
ARH COMIX was born out of my need to do something about that!
I didn’t enter this industry for money, or to make a name. I entered this industry because I want to feel like that child again when I read a comic book. I want to bite my lips in anticipation for what’s coming on the next page, and I want to read a story that can actually make me believe, even for a few seconds, that a wonderful world of fantasy still exists out there.
Do you remember this feeling too? This is what ARH COMIX is about!
Give yourself the same chance. Check out what we are making at ARH COMIX
and discover that feeling again!

Arahom Radjah
Executive Director at ARH COMIX