São Paulo, 21th century. There's no light. There's no law. Mandrill is the leader from Urban Monkeys, a group of survivors who have to deal with an unexplainable worldwide blackout. With chaos dictating the new rules of society, the streets are organized by only one rule: violence. Several gangs will fight for territories and the few remaining resources on a neverending battle. When the batteries who keep Master Apoema alive start to fail, Mandrill will have to cross the terrible city to save the one man who taught him everything he knows. Will he be able to face this rock jungle? Apagão Extra: Jump Start, written by Raphael Fernandes and illustrated by Camaleão, is the first of a series of stories which will lighten the dark and cruel universe of Apagão, a brazilian crowdfunded project that mixes comics, RPG, music and more. Full colored, this comic book is a pulsing portrait of a dissolved society after having the power cord plugged out. When there's no light, life continues through the darkness of the enduring souls.