Antony Johnston is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author. His graphic novel THE COLDEST CITY is being adapted into a film starring Charlize Theron. His epic series WASTELAND is one of only a handful of such longform comic stories in the medium. His first video game, DEAD SPACE, redefined the survival horror genre.

Antony has written more than thirty graphic novels and comic series, including THE FUSE, DAREDEVIL, JULIUS, CODENAME BABOUSHKA, THE LONG HAUL, WOLVERINE PRODIGAL SON, the ALEX RIDER graphic novels, the DEAD SPACE transmedia comics, and the adaptation of Alan Moore's 'lost screenplay' FASHION BEAST.

His video games include SHADOW OF MORDOR, THE ASSEMBLY, DEAD SPACE EXTRACTION, ZOMBIU, CSR RACING, and more. Antony also hosts the podcast UNJUSTLY MALIGNED on the Incomparable network, and records music under the alias SILENCAEON. He lives and works in England.