In 1988, I attended Northeastern State University on a football scholarship and majored in Commercial Art. When I graduated, computers were the new big thing in the art field, and I had no computer skills. Because of this dilemma and a need for employment, I discovered a passion I didn't know I had, and that is working with youth. As I dove head first into the world of juveniles, my art skills declined to non-existence and I satisfied my thirst for art by watching cartoons (Anime) and replenishing my comic book collection. For the past 18 years I have worked for the Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau as a detention counselor, supervisor, probation worker, truancy officer, and am currently a Training Supervisor.
Two years ago I returned to the art world after my little brother, Ocie, said he was serious about putting together a comic book and wanted my help. He would draw it and I would color it. Sounds good, but one problem remains: I still have no experience in digital coloring. So I purchased the cheapest Wacom and Photoshop combo, and for the last two years I have been teaching myself how to color. Thanks to all the artists on Deviant Art who took time to give advice and encouragement. Special shout-out to Kyle Chaney, Lyle DeRoulet, and Chris Malcolm for really helping a brother through the basics, and to Hound Comics for this great opportunity. But the person I would like to thank the most, who inspires me the most, is my little bro Ocie. Watching his art develop from chicken scratch to the breathtaking effect it has today has been awesome. If It wasn't for him, I would still be on the sidelines watching everyone else fulfill their dreams.