Angelhair, Vol. 1

Emily Piper was amazing even before she was a hero. Field hockey captain and valedictorian in high school, she went on to get a degree in engineering in college. But as she was working on an experimental "smart shampoo" for a hair-care company, something went awry... The nanobots and symbiotic proteins in the shampoo bonded with her own hair, making it long, strong, and granting her the ability to fly! While doing her best to save the world as Angelhair as part of the Elite Team, she went back to school for a business degree, and started her own branch of the Elite Team in Colorado, the Western Elite Team! With Qbit Computer chip come to life, Lady Axtreme the sharpest hero out there, The Beacon IV America's secret weapon, and The Punchin' Bag, who isn't strong or smart, but is at least indestructible!