Amby Verce and The Ascenders

The new all-ages series, Amby Verce and The Ascenders, is a steampunk-inflected fantasy adventure, in the tradition of classic animated journey quests. Amby Verce follows the crew of the airship Ascender as they search for seven missing City Ships and the immensely powerful Citadel Engine. The finest Mechanolater engineer in a generation, Amby must use all of her skills to unlock ancient secrets, overcome marauders and fight off the dreaded, unearthly Necrolatry as she seeks the lost factions of her people. The book features an all-new fantasy world full of excitement and danger, with elements of steampunk, anime / manga, anthropomorphic characters and cartoon serials. The relatable titular protagonist, Amby Verce, is both rough-and-tumble and feminine, ambitious and compassionate. An engineer first and foremost, Amby provides a technology-centric female character who is not relegated to a sidekick role, but rather the star of her own adventures.