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Goliath Girls - The Fate of the World Lies in the Hands of 3 Teenage Girls & their Pet Kaiju! (3 Items)

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Savage Game - A Unique High Concept Sci-Fi Graphic Novel! (1 Items)

Elephantmen - The Fan-Favorite Series Returns! (7 Items)

Superfreaks - All-New Superhero Mystery! (6 Items)

Ask for Mercy - Stunning Fantasy Horror Set in World War II! (6 Items)

BECK - Harold Sakuishi's Acclaimed Rock Manga! (22 Items)

Seven Shakespeares - Harold Sakuishi Takes on Shakespeare in this Epic Manga! (7 Items)

Spidey: School's Out (6 Items)

Battle Angel Alita - Read The Entire Series (9 Items)

Avengers: Back to Basics (6 Items)

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