Professional film director, writer, and inventor, Alessio Jim Della Valle, is known for his excellent ability to create outstanding films, commercials, and operas, and has worked with multi-million businesses. He was born in Florence, Italy, and currently works as director in motion pictures, tv shows and commercials both in the US and Europe.
Jim holds a degree cum laude from Bologna University's DAMS and studied Theatre and Drama Studies at the Samuel Beckett Center, Trinity College, in Dublin, and studied Film Directing at the Los Angeles Film School, Hollywood, California. He also studied at the Music Academy of Florence.
For his talent and expertise in film directing, Jim has worked as director for companies including Fox, Mtv, Rai, Disney, and has directed commercials for top brands like- Hello Kitty, Hanna Montana, Bose, Unesco, Florence City Council, Tommy Hilfiger, D&G, Fiat Cars. Jim directed the opera "The Girl of the Golden West" by Giacomo Puccini, performed live in Los Angeles and was the director of the experimental animated feature film called The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway with music by Peter Gabriel.
With projects accomplished in film directing and with his experience, Jim has won multiple awards and festivals including but not limited to- Honoring Proclamation from the Mayor of Los Angeles for his work as a director for the city's public television and RAI prize and was awarded the Fulbright/Sergio Corbucci Scholarship. This scholarship award is only given to one film director all over Italy.
Jim's first Graphics novel "Robotrons" is one to love not just by graphic fans, but anyone interested in graphics and aspiring to be a professional film director.