Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey: A Parody

126-Pages! While the Granville family dutifully entertain their guests at Devonton Abbey, an ace team of Secret Service agents camp out as unsuspecting household staff, protecting the Royal Crown and her citizens from impending world war. Who is aware of the international intrigue concealed below stairs? Will Agent Gates save Britain from her enemies while ensuring Devonton Abbey's reputation is upheld? Will Lady Margaret secure a proposal from Martin Crawhill, the heir to the estate? Will Thompson and O'Malley ever get lung cancer? "Preposterous." --The Dowager Countess "Wicked and daring. An uproarious adventure suited for anyone who must bear the tedium of reality." --Lady Margaret "The pictures are awfully nice." --Lady Flora "Slanderous?Utter rot." --Lord Granville "A graphic expose that triumphs in its ability to question elitist society and esoteric class systems." --Lady Cynthia "Can I be on the cover?" --Lady Ethel