These two have been causing trouble together for more than 25 years. They originally met in day care and have been best friends ever since. In their pre-teen years they spent weekends watching horror movies all night and coming up with elaborate plots for make believe sequels. After high school Adam went off to LA for Film School and Kyle went out to BC to pursue his music career. Shortly after returning home to Canada Adam continued making films in hopes of breaking into the industry. Being young and industrious, he landed a meeting with CTV and within 3 months was developing an hour-long drama series, "Lost City", under the "Writer Only Program". Since then he has developed many original concepts with several major production companies. Kyle put his music career on hold to further his education. He returned to Ontario and studied Music Production as well as Sustainable Energy and Building Technology. But it wasn't all studies for Kyle, he also carved out a name for himself in the underground music and poetry scene in Hamilton. Although this is the guy's first official collaboration, it certainly won't be their last.