I was born in Sussex, England in 1978 to parents unknown. I was raised by wolves, worship the moon and have an aversion to wearing clothes. I learnt English from a talking rabbit named Horatio and write with the blood of my slain enemies. My favourite drink is Rum and I live in an asylum.

At least two of the preceding statements are true and the rest is but a legend to be told.

Now you know the real me, lets talk about the more relevant and respectable side of my funny book career.

October 2013 - The British Showcase Anthology - Contributor (Lycan Island & New Luna) - Book Editor. (AAM/Markosia)
November 2013 - Toxic Storm series - Writer & Creator (AAM/Markosia)
March 2014 - Terminus at Fenton's Green graphic novel release (LSCC Hardcover & Trade paperback) Writer and Co-creator (AAM/Markosia)

Future confirmed creator owned projects include "Slowheart", "New York Love Story" and "Toxic Storm Volume Two".

See you down the rabbit hole!