If you ask Adam to illustrate a space ship or an action scene, he will often have to ask how small you want it. The reason for this is he likes to draw big. Really big. He can't help it. His artwork has always leant towards the elaborate. Tasked with making a replica of his house when he was 7, he instead made a replica of his local supermarket. It's just the sort of guy he is. A dedicated artist throughout school, Adam relished the opportunity to be creative in variety of mediums, eventually settling on digital art and the wicked ways of Photoshop while at university. He quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the world of concept art with a broad portfolio ranging from video games to films and board games. Adam met Peter in 2009 through Peter's then-fledgling Halo fan film, Operation Chastity. The two formed a quick friendship and an excellent working relationship. Concepts cars naturally, conveyed by Peter I the loosest of terms and materialized meticulously. As Adam worked on the film and other commissions, he began forming the concepts what would eventually become Telikos Protocol for use as portfolio pieces. When the idea ran away itself and he set out to find a writer, Peter was the first man on his list. In 2012, he and ace writer Peter Cooper teamed up with Vanquish Interactive Publishing and together they launched the most successful new creator/new publisher comic book campaign in Kickstarter history raking in a whopping $50k in 30 days.