Vampires. Samurai robots. Fire and Ice Giants from the north. A mere sampling of the nefarious end-of-the-world infestations-which all happen to be descending on earth at once. Nathan Savage is an ex-ranger who isn't fazed by much. A pragmatist crack shot who has taken up painting in his retirement by using his rabbits as brushes. (Don't worry, the paint he uses is non-toxic, water-based acrylic).Yet with the end of the world happening all around him, he quickly discovers that providence has much more in store for his future. Only Arc, an organization with shrouded intentions, and his lagomorph companion, Cinnamon Toast (formerly known as Cinnamon before the fire), will keep him grounded as he is flung headlong against enemies unlike anything he's ever seen before. Participate with Nathan Savage and his shoulder-perching sidekick-in-arms each week, as they confront some of the darkest corners of Nathan's past, and face a world more catastrophic than anything anyone could have predicted with humor... and a gun. In the end, they might just save the world.