AA Squad

AA Squad is the story of a team of misfit time officers and their adventures to save the universe. In the year 3000, the Time Mat - a small door mat sized object that when stood on allows you to skip forward small amounts in time (skips tv commercials, microwave timers, etc.) - is invented. The technology is hacked by a disgruntled Cable Television Provider Employee who lost his job after the creation of the Time Mat, and all hell breaks loose. The new Time Mat hack allows users to not only skip forward in time, but also backwards. Due to the severe backlash from the hack, the TCO (Time Correction Organization) is formed. The TCO has 27 different departments ranging from A-Z and of course, our lowest ranking department, AA. The AA Squad deals with fluctuations in time of the least importance (graffiti, photo bombing, etc.), but they soon find that their missions are much more significant. Our story takes place at the TCO Headquarters, which is located in the year 3001, at the very last moment in time before the universe is destroyed due to the massive changes in the time space continuum. The TCO must restore the timeline and save the universe. Follow our foursome as they go from zeroes to heroes, traveling through space and time, fixing yesterday's problems today for a better tomorrow.