A National Story of Minor Significance #1

Lions, and Tigers, and BRAINS, oh my!
In this fabulous first issue, author B.J. Mendelson ("Social Media Is Bullshit") and artist Peter Czaplarski take you on a journey inside the mind of the author and set the groundwork for all the future issues to follow. One of which includes the president of the United States suing the author's family over a toilet seat. No, we're NOT kidding!

This specially priced introductory issue includes an exclusive preview comic of Peter and B.J.'s other comic, Vengeance, Nevada, a book summary for Dale Carnegie's classic, "How to Win Friends and Influence People", and why Judo may change your life. Ok, maybe not your LIFE but certainly how you speak to others and handle difficult people.

All this and the beginning's of an advice column ala Dan Savage and Ann Landers are yours in this first issue.