7" Kara, Vol. 1

Tackle big adventure with larger than life friendships! A diminutive girl sets out on a big adventure, meeting giants and cats along the way, and discovers that what she desires most might be more dangerous than she bargained. But can she keep her adventures secret from her parents? Beneath an old porch. Up in a forgotten attic. In a dusty corner of a basement. Lilliputians are tiny people who occupy the in-between spaces of our world. Sometimes, if you're careful, you can catch a glimpse of one. Kara is a Lilliputian girl who lives with her parents in an old dollhouse, hidden away in the back of an old shed. Isolated her entire life, she has few Lilliputian friends her own age and even less experience with the world around her. Everything she knows has been learned either first hand or taught to her by her parents. But her life changes drastically when a human family moves into the house her family lives by.

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